"WEM workshops are about building connections and fostering growth and trust among women."

Attendees of the "Beautiful Us" workshop, a discussion on race, what it's like to live in our skin and how we can better love, understand and support one another. ~August 2016

Attendees of the "Beautiful Us" workshop, a discussion on race, what it's like to live in our skin and how we can better love, understand and support one another. ~August 2016

Group Coaching Workshops

Group coaching workshops are an opportunity to try out coaching before diving deep into private sessions. They also allow attendees to see the similarities between themselves and others, confirming that they are not alone in how they think and feel. They create space to both learn from and teach one another important and helpful life skills that may benefit one's own growth. They are about building connections and fostering growth and trust among women. During these workshops, we discuss concepts such as unity (women trusting and supporting other women), integrity, self-care, self-love, self-discovery, defining success and perfectionism. We work off the basic concept that in order to be of service to others, we must first ensure that our own cups are full. Essentially, these workshops are about taking care of home. Until we learn to take care of and love ourselves, we cannot truly take care of and love others. 

Shine Theory, a phrase coined by Call Your Girlfriend podcast co-host and writer Ann Friedman touts what should be very basic concepts to grasp; other women are not our competition; there is no need to compete as there is room enough for all of us at the table and; when one woman shines, we all shine. Very powerful statements. WEM workshops are built around this concept and the work done during these sessions are designed as a call to action for each participant.

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What clients gain from group coaching workshops:

  • Access to solution based tools and plans of action from women on similar life paths, or have experienced similar challenges and found success.

  • An opportunity to solicit feedback from peers and an outside third party - a coach trained in active listening and deep questioning.

  • Opportunities to focus on one’s own unique strengths and challenges and an opportunity to find ways to maximize those strengths while minimizing and work around challenges.

  • Access to group discussions designed to help identify blind spots which could potentially be holding one back from living a full life.

  • An opportunity to build relationships with women on a similar path of growth and personal development.

  • A safe space to be vulnerable as each participant explores self-worth, self-love and self-care.

  • A look at the isolating mindset of terminal uniqueness, (that "I'm the only one who's ever gone through this" state of mind).

  • An opportunity to start identifying and challenging negative self talk.

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Personalized Group Coaching Workshops

Want to host a two-hour women’s empowerment workshop for you and five of your closest friends in the comfort of your own home? If so, this option is perfect for you! Host a Shine Theory, Self-Care, Relationship Building, Vision Board or Trust Building Workshop for your girlfriends in your own home! These workshops are meant to be fun and uplifting. They are designed to bring you and your girlfriends closer together, help you build trust among your tribe and celebrate one another’s authenticity and individuality. Break out the snacks (and the wine if it suits you) and let’s have some fun together! Feel free to add on a 60 minute yoga session to round out your self-care practice!


I went to my first WEM workshop last Saturday and was affected more deeply than I had anticipated. I left instantly feeling new clarity in how I’ve been mismanaging my priorities and set out to change my approach that weekend. Just a few days later and I am already feeling more calm in my resolution to accomplish my goals and stick to the priorities I know are most important to me and that I can accomplish or make significant headway on.

Aside from my personal clarity, I also appreciated the security I felt in the room with the other women in attendance and made some great connections while in community with them.

I highly recommend WEM to any woman, whether looking for a quick boost of clarity or more long-term guidance.
— Katherine Grace Murphy
I went to WEM’s workshop, “Her - Past, Present, Future”, and it was so eye-opening! The journal questions/prompts and conversations with other women at the workshop helped me connect the dots, and I truly was inspired to shift my thinking and actions in the direction I really want to go. Thank you for this powerful work!
— Annalisa Paulsmeyer
Shay, thank you for the a-m-a-z-i-n-g workshop! It was a real turning point for me, truly inspirational. I feel like I have been given a map to start a new journey of self-discovery.
— Olia Piszcanska Saylor

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