Your growth is what inspires me; watching you light up from the inside out. In those instances where you realize you're so much stronger than you ever thought...those moments are why I love what I do.

Coaching girls in building confidence

I am inspired by girls navigating adolescence and puberty. Their bodies are changing, emotions are racing and they don't feel they have a safe space to confidently express themselves. They find themselves trying to fit into an image impressed upon them by a society whose rules are constantly changing; a society that expects them to live up to an unrealistic definition of perfection; a society that will expect them to grow into adulthood accepting less because she is female. 

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Coaching women in transition and growth

I am inspired by the woman seeking a deeper relationship with herself. She may be a woman who's experienced extreme challenges or she is feeling that itch to push her life from great to phenomenal. Maybe she's recently gone through a divorce, getting back on her feet financially, spiritually or emotionally, become a new mother or is tired of fighting who she truly is. Whatever the case, she is ready to transition. She is ready for change. She is ready to rise from the ashes. 

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There is nothing more beautiful than a woman or girl on a search for who she truly is. Whether it be personal, financial or professional growth, a certain level of vulnerability, openness and willingness is required in order to transition from the caterpillar to the butterfly.