"Define your self-worth. Learn, grow and illuminate your inner glow." 


Private Coaching

Clients interested in private coaching are usually those looking to explore manifesting mind-body-spirit care, self-acceptance/self-worth and confidence in all areas of their lives through work that calls out their natural born talents and empowers them to be authentically themselves without apology or guilt.

Coaching is not about telling you what to do or making judgements on your actions. It is about holding space for you to get curious about who you are now versus who you want to be and supporting you as you define and move towards your personal life goals. Accountability and honesty with self are key. A good coach listens and facilitates open and honest conversations. They value client trust. Each client is encouraged to show up as exactly who they are without feeling judged or pressured to be anything other than themselves. You, as the client, should feel empowered, in charge and encouraged to embrace who you truly are and, feel totally supported as you rely on your own resourcefulness and creativity as a means for mapping out your road to success. 

Private coaching sessions are a great opportunity to get really clear about where you are, where you want to be and how to get you there. My belief is that we all inherently have what we need to be successful inside us. With this in mind, I will work with you to identify and maximize your strengths. We will identify personal challenges standing in your way so that we may strategize ways to work with or around them. You can fully expect me to challenge your thinking, hold you accountable to your word and encourage you to be your best self along the way. My primary focus will be to ensure you feel supported, accepted and accountable while you work to achieve goals, manage negative emotions around challenges and learn to maximize teachable moments. I get to be your personal cheerleader as you identify your dreams big and small, increase your self awareness and chart a course of action to get you to where you want to be in life. I will coach you in embracing your authenticity, honoring your worth, detaching from societal expectations and building a life you've only dreamed of.

What clients gain from wem private coaching sessions:

  • An opportunity to bring your whole self into the conversation, regardless of what that looks like, with full knowledge that judgement, shame and guilt will be acknowledged but not dwelled upon.

  • Tools designed specifically for you to support you in realizing your goals.

  • A safe space to explore vulnerability.

  • Unwavering support as you engage in trial and error lifestyle changes. Transition can be taxing and uncertain. A coach is there to support you as you navigate new and uncharted waters - figuring out what works and what really doesn't work for you.


My particular style of coaching:

  • Invites each client to feel comfortable exploring her depths.

  • Promotes vulnerability and curiosity as trusted methods for better understanding oneself.

  • Seeks to identify and draw out the naturally born talents each client already possess.

  • Focuses on goal setting, accountability, self-esteem building and integrity.

  • Focuses on defining, self-worth, perfection and success based on personal perception rather than society's.

**Round out your self-care practice by adding on a 30 minute yoga session to the end of your coaching session. Self-care is about caring for ourselves mind, body and spirit. Elevate your mind, embrace your body, steady your soul.

Book time with me by visiting my appointments page. My services are available via email, phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and various online, no cost to the client conference avenues. 

Everyone should have access to tools that benefit their personal growth and development. Please do not hesitate to reach out about sliding scale pricing. Just as your private coaching and yoga sessions are tailored specifically for you, if need be, your pricing will be too.