Self Discovery - A Podcast Interview

Having the opportunity to collaborate with Kait Hatch on this project was a wonderful experience. She has a natural ability to ask questions in a way that really opens up space for you to share your story without feeling judgement. Her questions encourage the expansion of your own thinking and at the same time prompts you to see your own wisdom. As a result, one has the tendency to walk away from Kait feeling empowered to trust themselves a little more, think a little deeper and take up more space in a world that can make one feel so small. Kait is a dharma practitioner, student of Ani Pema Chödrön and follower of Radical Dharma.

In Kait’s own words, “Practice is core to my life, and I'm always looking for new tools and ways of approaching my mind and cultivating awareness. I'm an insatiably curious and enthusiastic student —contemplating, meditating and studying on a daily basis. I am committed to working with my mind for the liberation of all beings. My current focus is on the poison of ignorance—noticing my implicit biases and unlearning habits of delusion.”

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Trigger Warning and Content Notification - The content of this story involves both addiction and a suicide attempt.