WEM Consulting

Professional Background



Spend enough time with me and you’ll start to believe anything is possible. 

I am a wellness coach, workshop facilitator, public speaker and yoga instructor. It brings me absolute joy to blend mind, body, spirit care with goal setting and strategizing as a foundation for supporting clients in cultivating inner awareness, self-acceptance, self-discipline and integrity as they navigate the process of uncovering and implementing healthy changes that move them into lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of living. 

Clients are encouraged to engage in work that shines a light on their natural born talents and empowers them to be authentically themselves. Through this powerful work, women and girls focus on their strengths and brainstorm ways to fine tune and maximize them, all while building tools to help them acknowledge, accept and manage unsavory emotions around weaknesses (or challenges).

Group coaching workshops focus on building connections and fostering growth and trust among women and girls by guiding participants through discussions such as integrity, self-care, self-love, self-discovery, defining success, relationship building and perfectionism. Women are encouraged to share their experiences and provide gentle and supportive feedback to one another. These workshops provide the perfect opportunity for us as a group to learn from and teach one another.

Bringing yoga into the coaching structure provides an opportunity to build a well rounded self-care program. Yoga sheds stress from the body and helps keep the mind in the present moment. It connects to our breath and creates space for healing. By taking care of “The Trifecta”, our mind, body and spirit, we are positioning ourselves to live fuller lives.


Trainings & Certifications 

  • 200 Hour RYT, 2016

  • 50 Hour Yin, 2018

  • WCI Coaching Certification, 2017

  • Managing Emotions Under Pressure, 2017

  • Facilitator Training, 2016-2018

Areas of Expertise 

  • Growth & Accountability Coaching

  • Facilitation

  • Workshop Design

  • Yoga & Breathe Work & Meditation Guidance

  • Public Speaking

What I’ve Been Working On

One-On-One Coaching, 2017-Ongoing

In one-on-one coaching sessions, each woman is encouraged to explore her depths. We do not focus so much on where she has been, but where she is and where she is headed. We come into each session with the understanding that where she is headed is 100% based on intention, affirmation, self-motivation and accountability and action. We work on goal setting, accountability, self-esteem building and integrity. While those are the basic principles of my coaching, each session is client driven. As captain of your ship, you remain in control. 

One-On-One Coaching (Adult), 2017- Ongoing, Seattle and Kirkland, WA 

  • Work with clients to identify roadblocks standing between them and their success. 

  • Support clients in defining, strategizing and moving toward personal and professional goals. 

  • Hold clients to accountability, integrity and honesty while working to identify and maximize strengths. 

  • Support clients in identifying challenges and strategizing methods to work with or around them. 

Group Coaching Workshops, 2016-Ongoing

These workshops are centered in self-care, self-discovery, defining success and perfectionism. We work off the basic concept that in order to be of service to others, we must first ensure that our own cups are full. Essentially, these workshops are about taking care of home. WEM workshop attendees leave having established new relationships with women on a similar path as them and having gained clarity and confidence about the next steps in their lives.

Group Coaching (Adult), 2016 - Ongoing

  • Create space for women to bond and discuss daily challenges in a solution based environment. 

  • Provide a safe space for women to practice vulnerability and explore ideas of self worth and self care in a group setting with like minded women. 

  • Coach women in mindfulness and support them in building a toolkit for managing stress.

Girls Group Coaching, 2018-2019

Positive self-esteem is essential to every girl's growth and development. Without it, she has the potential to grow up feeling less than, like an outsider, unworthy of healthy love and personal boundaries. 

Coaching Workshops at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, 2018 - 2019

  • Worked with teaching staff and high school director to develop a series of workshops for girls 9th - 12th grade centered in self-care, self-discovery, defining success and perfectionism. 

  • Designed and facilitated workshops around agency and authenticity, building connections, setting boundaries, consent and integrity.

Facilitation, 2018-Ongoing

Staff Facilitator Training at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, 2018 - 2019

  • Provided facilitator training focused on navigating difficult or *courageous* conversations. 

  • Facilitated teacher and staff training on self-awareness, managing emotions under pressure with the fundamentals of facilitation in an approachable and easily adaptable manner. 

Triangle Associates, 2015 - 2018

  • Meeting facilitation, community outreach, public involvement and stakeholder engagement.

Speaking Engagements

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart Parent Education Series, January 2019, Self Criticism vs. Self Compassion.

GoGreen Seattle Conference April, 2018, Liberating the Environmental Sector: Building a Diverse Workforce With a Justice Lens.

WEM Consulting: Discovering Integrity, August 2017, Embracing vulnerability, exploring honesty and learning to live with integrity.

Feminist Camp, University of WA: Defining Feminism, June 2018, Unpacking feminism at Feminist Camp. What does it mean and how does it work in my life? 

Everything is Workable (Podcast Interview), July 2018, Getting well, Feminism and The Power of No 

Vulnerable: A Facebook Live Event, August 2018, WEM Consulting partners with we are HER, an online organization that provides a safe space for domestic violence and assault victims and survivors to connect with and support one another. This live episode is all about debunking the myth that vulnerability = weakness. We will discuss how to lean into your own vulnerability and how sharing our stories could save a life.


“I feel so much less alone than I did on the drive over here. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one thinking about these things.” -Participant

“I’ve learned more about myself in five minutes than I have in 34 years.” -Participant

"I went to "Her - Past, Present, Future", and it was so eye-opening! The journal questions/prompts and conversations with other women at the workshop helped me connect the dots, and I truly was inspired to shift my thinking and actions in the direction I really want to go. Thank you for this powerful work!" -Annalisa

"I went to my first WEM workshop last Saturday and was affected more deeply than I had anticipated. I left instantly feeling new clarity in how I've been mismanaging my priorities and set out to change my approach that weekend. Just a few days later and I am already feeling more calm in my resolution to accomplish my goals and stick to the priorities I know are most important to me and that I can accomplish or make significant headway on.

Aside from my personal clarity, I also appreciated the security I felt in the room with the other women in attendance and made some great connections while in community with them. I highly recommend WEM to any woman, whether looking for a quick boost of clarity or more long-term guidance." -Kat

"Shay, thank you for the a-m-a-z-i-n-g workshop! It was a real turning point for me, truly inspirational. I feel like I have been given a map to start a new journey of self-discovery." -Olia