"Yoga has a way or resonating with the core of your very being. It wakes you up from the inside out.”

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My introduction to yoga was at a little Bikram studio in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia in 2004. One class and I was in love! Bikram taught me focus, patience and resilience. It taught me that my body is much stronger than my mind leads me to believe. It taught me not to hold my breath, to lean into it. I moved to Seattle in 2007 where I was introduced to Vinyasa. It was less restrictive, felt more like a dance than yoga. Matching breath to movement gave me the feeling of walking on air. It was energizing. Vinyasa taught me to honor my body and to try new things. After years of practice, I felt a need to deepen my own knowledge and felt a strong desire to give away this gift I had been given. In 2016 I enrolled in Core Power’s 200-Hour teacher training program and I haven’t looked back. 

Over the years, I have found that there are only a few things one consistently needs when stepping onto a yoga mat: patience, presence, acceptance, willingness and gratitude. All of these attributes support me in letting my body be exactly where it is today; without thought of where it was yesterday or where I hope for it to be tomorrow. I can practice without judgement, shame or guilt. I can celebrate being in my own skin. 

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my offererings

I teach Vinyasa (Power), Hatha and Yin Yoga. My Power Vinyasa classes focuses on breath and alignment. I love balancing poses, twists and heart openers. My Hatha class leans more toward the traditional with some variation and my Yin class tends to focus on outer hip, hamstring and heart openers. I’m known for singing along to the music or throwing in a few jokes during class to remind students (and myself) not to take our practice too seriously. Work hard, laugh hard. It’s all about balance, right? 

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why yoga

Yoga has a way of resonating with the core of your very being. It grounds you and makes you feel as if you’re walking on air. No two practices are the same. Yoga requires self acceptance, presence of mind and patience with body. It shows us where we are imbalanced and gives us an opportunity to realign. It reminds us to breathe. I find that regardless of where I am in life, when I step onto my mat, I feel at peace.

Yoga sheds stress from the body. A yoga body is energized and vibrant, at any size. Yoga clears away the cobwebs and creates space for us to address our fears and insecurities. It challenges us to remain present. It invites us to love and accept our bodies as they are in this moment. It gives us an opportunity to get grounded when we are imbalanced. It reminds us to breathe.