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Vulnerable - A Facebook Live Event

Vulnerability saved my life. 

There seems to be so much shame around admitting that we need help. I understand. I have a history of wanting to be seen as the woman would could hold it all together while being a complete mess on the inside. You could ask me how I was doing and my answer would always be the same; "I'm great!" Rarely was that true. It wasn't until I hit an emotional bottom and HAD to ask for help that I began to realize just how powerful vulnerability can be. When I finally got to a place where I was forced to open up, I began to see that I was surrounded by people who not only understand the pain I was feeling, but that they had experienced a pain very similar to mine. Not only that, but these amazing humans were willing to share their stories with me. These stories lifted me up, gave me hope and the courage I needed to embark on my own journey towards healing and growth.

I want to make it clear that I do not enjoy pain in others. I'm simply pointing out how amazed I was that I was not the only person who thought and felt the way I did. It wasn't just me. I wasn't an anomaly. I wasn't bad, wrong or unworthy. After so many isolating years in "I'm fine land", I was now in a place where I felt part of. I felt understood. I felt validated and I felt less alone. This was new. This was scary. This was a spark of hope.

I've come to realize that our stories are powerful. I see now that when we open our hearts, get honest about where we are in life and ask for what we need, there are people on this earth who will more than meet us half way. This is the way of vulnerability. It is an energizing (and sometimes terrifying and exhausting) force that nurtures community; and it's worth every gut punching blow - if expressed with the right people. I'd also like to point out that being vulnerable absolutely does get easier, especially when you've got a core tribe of people you've built trust with. More on that later...

Please join me live on Facebook on August 4th at 11am Pacific Standard Time to learn more about vulnerability, how and when you can lean into your own vulnerability, and how sharing your story just might save someone’s life. 

We'll be ending this event with a real time Q&A session. Looking forward to talking with you.

Love and Light,

WEM and H.E.R.

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